Message from the President and CEO

As OPTrust’s new President and Chief Executive Officer, it is a genuine pleasure to join an organization with such a significant mandate, a skilled and dedicated staff, a focused and committed Board, strong support from our two sponsors – OPSEU and the Government of Ontario – and a track record of strong performance.

Delivering on our mandate

Of course, OPTrust exists for one reason. Our mandate is to deliver retirement security for the almost 84,000 active members and retirees of the OPSEU Pension Plan, today and decades into the future. This is no simple task. To meet this commitment we must:
  • invest a $14.7 billion pension fund to achieve two key goals: generating an average annual return of 6.25% over the long term, while prudently managing the Fund’s exposure to investment risk in challenging market conditions
  • carefully project the cost of our members’ future pension benefits, the expected growth of the Plan’s assets, and the impact of a wide range of economic and demographic factors on the Plan’s ability to meet its funding obligations decades into the future
  • work closely with our Board and the Plan’s sponsors to identify and address key funding risks and ensure that the Plan is sustainable over the long term
  • provide members and retirees with consistent, accessible, high-quality service and communications to ensure they can maximize the value of their earned pensions.
Not surprisingly, then, OPTrust is a complex organization – one where a diverse group of talented people must work as a team to meet a single, unifying goal: providing a secure pension to the hard-working women and men who count on us in their retirement years.

Bill Hatanaka
Bill Hatanaka
President and CEO