Message from the Chair and Vice-Chair (continued)

Strategic governance and OPTrust’s new CEO

In November 2012, the Board was pleased to announce the appointment of Bill Hatanaka as OPTrust’s President and CEO. Bill’s track record of leadership and his expertise in both investment management and operations makes him an ideal choice to lead OPTrust as we focus the entire organization on our mandate to deliver retirement security to our members.

The hiring of our new CEO supports the continued implementation of the Board’s strategic governance model. Under this model, the Trustees have delegated responsibility for most of OPTrust’s operations to the CEO. This allows the Board to focus on OPTrust’s policy and strategic direction to ensure effective and accountable decision-making, consistent with our responsibility to the Plan’s sponsors and our fiduciary duty to our members and retirees.

Board changes

In 2012, the Trustees welcomed three OPSEU appointees – Randy Marie Sloat, Tim Hannah and Michael Grimaldi – to the Board. We also said thank you and farewell to Alicia Czekierda, who left the Board after 10 years of service to the Plan and its members and retirees.

In February, 2013, Maurice Gabay left the Board after 6 years as a Trustee, including terms as the Board’s Chair and Vice-Chair, while Michael Grimaldi assumed the role of Vice-Chair.

We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to all our fellow Trustees, and to OPTrust’s management and staff for the hard work and commitment they have shown to OPTrust’s mandate over the past year. We look forward to working with them and the Plan’s sponsors as we continue to deliver retirement security to our members and pensioners in the years ahead.

Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell
Michael Grimaldi
Michael Grimaldi