Membership service highlights

In 2012, OPTrust:

  • Answered more than 48,000 telephone calls from members and pensioners, with an average response time of just eight seconds
  • Registered almost 2,500 clients for our secure Online Services, increasing the number of registered users to more than 34,000
  • Earned a strong overall satisfaction rating of 8.6 out of 10 from our members and pensioners, meeting our quality target for the fourth year running

Focusing on our members and pensioners

At OPTrust, we recognize that providing excellent service is a key component of our mission to build retirement security for our almost 84,000 members and retirees. By helping them understand their pension options and plan for their retirement, and providing prompt, efficient service tailored to their individual needs, we work to help our members and retirees to maximize the value of their OPTrust pensions.

In 2012, for example, we responded to more than 48,000 telephone calls from our members and pensioners. Of these, more than 99% were answered by our Member and Pensioner Services staff, with an average response time of just eight seconds after being placed in the queue.

Over the year, our staff completed more than 55,000 individual pension transactions, ranging from simple requests such as beneficiary changes to more complex buybacks and pension transfers. Of these transactions, 83% were completed within our service standards, slightly below our 86% target on-time completion rate in 2011.

In the meantime, almost 2,500 members and retirees signed up for Online Services, bringing the number of registered users to over 34,000, an increase of 7.7%. Of OPTrust’s total membership, 41% now use Online Services, compared to 24% five years earlier.

To monitor the quality of service we provide we conduct regular surveys of our members and pensioners. In 2012, these surveys showed that our clients gave OPTrust’s service an aggregate satisfaction rating of 8.6 out of 10, matching our annual target score for the fourth year in a row.

Despite these high ratings, in an era characterized by change, we believe there is more to be achieved. In 2012, we established a wide-ranging service excellence project, designed to achieve material improvements in the timeliness, range and quality of our services while remaining cost-efficient. This long-term project will be a key priority for our member and pensioner services staff over the next several years.

OPTrust’s Changing Membership
At December 31
Net Assets Available for Benefits
Since 2009, OPTrust’s active membership has declined by 3,335, while the number of current pensioners has increased by more than 4,000. Over the past decade, the ratio of active members to retirees has fallen from 2.4 to 1 in 2003, to 1.5 to 1 at the end of 2012.
Online Services Registrations
At December 31
Net Assets Available for Benefits
In 2012, almost 2,500 members and retirees registered for our secure Online Services site, a 7.7% increase from 2011. Over the year, registered users completed almost 14,000 individual transactions, exchanged more than 8,000 encrypted messages with OPTrust staff and viewed personal statements more than 60,000 times.