Pregnancy, Parental, Adoption and ESA Leaves

Under the Employment Standards Act, members and employers are required to make contributions while the member is on pregnancy, parental, adoption or family caregiver leave, unless the member elects in writing not to make contributions to the Plan.

The member’s choice to contribute during the leave or not should be indicated on Application to Contribute during an Unpaid Leave of Absence (OPTrust 1025) form. This form must be completed by the member and employer and submitted to OPTrust before the start of the leave, whether or not the member elects to contribute during the leave.

If the member decides to continue contributing during the leave, the costs for both the member and the employer equal the contribution amounts that would have been paid had the leave not taken place. These costs are calculated using the same formulas as the buyback costs for non-contributory service with an employer that contributes to the Plan.

If the member will be receiving Supplementary Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Allowance during the leave, he or she has the option of having pension contributions deducted from the SUB payments. This option should be indicated on the OPTrust 1025 form prior to the start of the leave.

important Important! If the member does not complete a written election not to contribute prior to the leave, the employer must remit both the member’s and the employer’s contributions to the Plan.