Procedures - Terminations

Employers must complete the following procedures to terminate a member from the OPSEU Pension Plan. 

If the member is transferring to the PSPP with no break in employment, as a result of a change in bargaining unit status, a different form is used at Step 1 of the termination procedures.    

1. Complete the Required OPTrust Form

A. For terminations of employment or divestments - Complete the Termination of Membership – Application For Entitlement (OPTrust1012) form

  • the member's signature is not required on the Termination of Membership form.

    icon Important! Termination while on LTIP: When a member is terminating his or her plan membership while on LTIP, the employer should state “Member on LTIP” in the final salary section of OPTrust's Termination of Membership (OPTrust 1012) form, rather than entering a salary amount. The collective agreement salary for the position may be different from the final salary on LTIP.

B. In the case of mandatory transfers to the PSPP - Complete the Transfer of Membership Between the OPSEU Pension Plan and the Public Service Pension Plan (OPTrust 1040) form

  • This form requires the signatures of both the member (to satisfy release of information requirements) and the employer representative.
2. Complete Additional Forms and Provide Required Documentation

OPTrust also requires the following forms and documents for terminating members. This information may be submitted to OPTrust at the same time as the Termination of Membership form or at a later date.

Employers should request that members provide this information to OPTrust. If the member does not submit the required forms and documents, a delay in processing his or her entitlement may result.

icon Note! Approved proof of birth documentation includes:
  • birth certificate
  • adoption papers
  • Canadian passport
  • Canadian registration of birth
  • baptismal certificate/papers
  • Indian status card
  • Canadian citizenship papers
  • Canadian Permanent Resident card
A completed Statement of Marital Status (OPTrust 3007) form. This form must be completed at termination, even if a previous copy is already on file with OPTrust.
  • The spouse’s birth certificate or other proof of birth – if not already on file
  • icon Note! The member's birth certificate or proof of birth
    • a marriage certificate - if not already on file, or
    • three documents showing that the member has a common-law spouse with whom he or she has been living for a minimum of three years – if not already on file. See OPTrust’s How to Prove Your Spousal Relationship fact sheet for details.