Transfers to Other Pension Plans

When employees terminate membership in the OPSEU Pension Plan, they may be eligible to transfer credit to a pension plan provided by their new employer. 

OPTrust has reciprocal transfer agreements with many other public sector pension plans in Canada. Under these agreements, terminated members of the OPSEU Pension Plan have the option of applying to transfer their credit from OPTrust to their new pension plan. 

To arrange to transfer credit to one of these plans, the member must submit his or her application to the new plan. At termination the member may also contact OPTrust to determine whether a transfer option is available. 

icon Important! Employers should remind members that there are strict time limits for applying to transfer credit from the OPSEU Pension Plan under these transfer agreements. These time limits may vary depending on the terms of the individual transfer agreement.
For a complete list of pension plans with which OPTrust has signed reciprocal transfer agreements, please see the OPTrust fact sheet Transferring Your Pension Credit out of the OPSEU Pension Plan.