Secure Employer Site Overview

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Security Bulletin
To ensure personal information is kept private and secure, this site cannot be viewed with older browsers, such as Internet Explorer version 6 or earlier.

This section provides background information on OPTrust’s online Secure Employer Site (SES). 

OPTrust’s online SES allows employers in the Ontario Public Service (OPS), other employers who contribute to the OPSEU Pension Plan, and external vendors (actuaries, accountants, auditors, lawyers, and unions) to exchange sensitive employer/member data with OPTrust. The SES is protected by Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology to allow the discreet exchange of information between OPTrust and its clients. Any information sent by OPTrust and its employers or agents through the SES is protected both ways from any unauthorized access. Only authorized users can access the online SES to send and receive information.

The SES allows registered users to:

  • send and receive electronic messages (with attachments)
  • send payroll data files (restricted by role)
  • receive reports from OPTrust (restricted by role).

While each SES user will be assigned an OPTrust ID and password for accessing the system, each user will also be linked by his or her employer relationship.