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For further information on how you can use the information on this website, please contact the Strategy, Communications and Stakeholder Relations team.


Code of Conduct

OPTrust has established a Code of Conduct designed to foster an ethical and inclusive culture which reflects OPTrust’s vision and values and will help us to succeed in our mission of paying pensions today, preserving pensions for tomorrow. The values and principles in the Code underpin OPTrust's governance system and policies.


Tax Strategy

OPTrust's investment strategy is intended to support our mission of paying pensions today and preserving pensions for tomorrow. The tax strategy applies to the investment activities of OPTrust and its subsidiaries worldwide across all locations where we invest and manage pension assets.


Whistle-Blowing at OPTrust

OPTrust is committed to complying with laws and regulations applicable to it, and relies on its employees and others to perform their duties and responsibilities in accordance with such laws and regulations. OPTrust’s internal controls and business policies and procedures are intended to detect and prevent improper activities. However, OPTrust welcomes information concerning potentially undetected violations of laws, regulations, policies or procedures related to its business practices.

The Whistle-Blowing Policy establishes procedures for reporting violations or suspected violations of laws or policies and outlines the process that will be followed by OPTrust in evaluating and investigating such reports.


Dispute Resolution Process

The Dispute Resolution Process provides members or beneficiaries with a formal procedure to disagree with a decision made by OPTrust or resolve a concern with OPTrust’s administration of the Plan or their pension entitlement.


Copyright Information

The information on this website is not to be used for commercial purposes, or published, sold or distributed. This restriction includes the use of the legal name OPSEU Pension Plan Trust Fund logo and trademark. The organization’s business name is OPTrust.