Employer Update Issue 46 | April 2016

The Membership Enrolment form (OPTrust 1005) has been changed. We ask for your help to ensure that members complete and sign the form. We now need the member to sign two sections.

Please note: The consent signature for the collection of information is mandatory. However, the consent signature for electronic communication is optional.




At OPTrust we communicate with many of our members electronically. To ensure that members are fully aware of this, we ask that they provide their consent on the enrolment form. Members are free to switch their preference at any time. They can subscribe or unsubscribe using their Online Services account, or by clicking on “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email we send them or by using the Contact Us section of the website to inform us of their preference.

We ask for your help in getting members to signify their communication preference by checking one of the boxes on the form and then signing in the consent section.

Consent and signature form example



The employer section of the form has been separated from the member section and is clearly marked. Please ensure you complete all the applicable sections and sign it.

Employer section in form


  1. The Membership Enrolment form must be signed both by the new member and by the employer.
  2. When completing dates on the form, please add “0” if the day or month is a single digit e.g. April 5, 2016 should be shown as 05/04/2016 (DD/MM/YYYY).
  3. Always go to our website to get the most current form. When we make major changes such as in this form, we will let you know, but if we make smaller changes, we simply update the form on the website.
  4. All our forms can be filled in electronically, then printed and signed.
  5. When sending us a scanned form, please use the Production Control link in the Contact OPTrust section in the secure Employer Site, to transmit the form. It’s fast, transparent and secure.



When the enrolment of a new member is a result of a transfer between OPB and OPTrust, please include a completed Transfer of Membership between the OPSEU Pension Plan and the Public Service Pension Plan form (OPTrust 1040) as well as a completed Membership Enrolment form (OPTrust 1005).


Form images in legal-sized paper format


Because of the additional content on the form, it should be printed on legal-sized paper. If you have any concerns about printing on legal sized paper, please contact EmployerService@optrust.com.