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Members of the Board of Trustees

At December 31, 2015


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Michael Grimaldi
Chair 1

Worker Advisor (retired)
Ministry of Labour

Appointed in 2012, Chair since November 2014

Governance & Administration (Chair), Investment Committees; Adjudication Panel

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Vicki Ringelberg
Vice-Chair 2

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer (retired)
AIC Limited & Portland Investment Counsel

Appointed in 2011, Vice-Chair since November 2014

Governance & Administration, Audit, Finance & Risk, Investment (Chair), Human Resources & Compensation Committees

Tim Hannah

Tim Hannah 1

Senior Environmental Officer
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Appointed in 2012

Audit, Finance & Risk, Human Resources & Compensation (Chair) Committees; Adjudication Panel

Ron Langer

Ron Langer 1

Senior Business Advisor
Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure

Appointed in 2009

Audit, Finance & Risk, Governance & Administration, Investment Committees; Adjudication Panel

Patricia Li

Patricia Li 2

Assistant Deputy Minister, Direct Services Division
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Appointed in 2011

Audit, Finance & Risk (Chair), Human Resources & Compensation Committees; Adjudication Panel

Tony Ross

Tony Ross 2

Vice-Chair (retired)
Merrill Lynch Canada

Appointed in 2000

Governance & Administration, Investment, Human Resources & Compensation Committees; Adjudication Panel

Randy Marie Sloat

Randy Marie Sloat 1

Customer Care Representative
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Appointed in 2012

Audit, Finance & Risk, Investment, Human Resources & Compensation Committees

Louise Tardif

Louise Tardif 2

Vice-President (retired)
National Bank Financial

Appointed in 2014

Audit, Finance & Risk, Investment, Governance & Administration Committees

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In Memoriam

It is with great sorrow we inform you that Linda MacKinnon, one of our Trustees, passed away in December 2015.

Appointed by OPSEU in 2013, Linda was a dedicated and conscientious member of our Board of Trustees, and was strongly committed to ensuring that the interests of the Plan’s members were considered and represented in the Board’s decisions. Linda’s contributions to OPTrust were many, including her roles on the Board’s Governance and Administration, and Human Resources and Compensation Committees. A voice of social conscience, Linda was deeply committed to our mission and was a strong advocate for OPTrust’s responsible investment program, employee recognition, diversity and an inclusive workplace.

Linda will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege of working with her and knowing her. In Linda’s honour, we have renamed our top staff recognition award after her.