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At OPTrust, our members come first. Our pension professionals are dedicated to helping each of them understand the Plan and make informed decisions about their pensions and retirement options. Doing so means providing exceptional service and tools at every step of the way.

Anywhere, any time

Excellent service means being available when and where our members need us. Phone support is critical for those members navigating more complex life events, including retirement preparation, pension service buybacks, membership terminations or spousal relationship changes. That is why, in response to feedback from our membership, we extended our telephone service hours to increase the window to speak directly with one of our pension professionals.

During 2015, we also sought to connect with more members in person through our pension information sessions. In all we ran 66 sessions in 26 locations across Ontario, covering all aspects of the Plan, including how pensions are calculated, how to best determine a retirement date, options if members leave their jobs, and how to buy back pension service. 

We also began work to expand our pension information sessions online, with the launch of a series of new webinars.

Pensions made easy

Our members have busy lives – in 2015, we worked to ensure they have an easy, hassle-free experience when seeking information about their Plan. With our wide range of Online Services, members can access their annual pension statements, and complete address, banking and tax information changes simply and efficiently.

Online Services RegistrationAt December 31
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Service Excellence

OPTrust works to handle each and every request quickly and efficiently. We’ve raised the bar by setting out our own Service Delivery Standards. The following shows our 2015 accomplishments against the standards.

  Transaction Type Service Delivery Standards 2015 Results
Buyback while on leave of absence 3 business days 94%
Enrolments 5 business days 92%
Retirements 30 days before pension effective date 100%
Termination options statement 10 business days 93%
Transfer to the Ontario Pension Board (OPB) 5 months 98%
Transfer to other pension plans 6 to 18 months 94%

Get the big picture

For more information on OPTrust’s strategy and results, see our full 2015 annual report.

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