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Members of the Board of Trustees

At December 31, 2017

OPTrust Board of Trustees

Vicki Ringelberg2

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer (retired)

AIC Limited & Portland Investment Counsel

Appointed in 2011,
Chair since November 2016

Governance & Administration (Chair), Audit,Finance & Risk, Investment Committees; Adjudication Panel

Tim Hannah1

Senior Environmental Officer
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Appointed in 2012,
Vice-Chair since November 2016

Investment (Chair), Audit, Finance & Risk, Governance & Administration Committees; Adjudication Panel

Michael Grimaldi1

Worker Advisor (retired)
Ministry of Labour

Appointed in 2012

Governance & Administration, Human Resources & Compensation, Investment Committees; Adjudication Panel

Patricia Li2

Assistant Deputy Minister, Direct Services Division
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Appointed in 2011

Audit, Finance & Risk, Human Resources & Compensation Committees; Adjudication Panel

Sharon Pel2

Consultant, Inglewood Advisory Services

Appointed February 15, 2017

Audit, Finance & Risk, Governance & Administration, Investment Committees

Randy Marie Sloat1

Customer Care Representative
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Appointed in 2012

Audit, Finance & Risk (Chair), Governance & Administration, Human Resources & Compensation Committees; Adjudication Panel (OPSEU Alternative)

Louise Tardif2

Vice-President (retired)
National Bank Financial

Appointed in 2014

Human Resources & Compensation (Chair), Governance & Administration, Investment Committees; Adjudication Panel

Giulia Volpe1

Benefits Specialist

Appointed in 2016

Audit, Finance & Risk, Human Resources & Compensation, Investment Committees

Don Wilkinson2

Vice-Chair, Deloitte & Leader of National Asset Management Group (Retired)

Appointed June 22, 2017

Audit, Finance & Risk, Human Resources & Compensation Committees