Private Markets

OPTrust's private markets program was launched in 2006 to build diversified private equity and infrastructure portfolios.

Private Markets Group

Toronto financial buildingsOPTrust's investments in private equity and infrastructure are managed by the Private Markets Group (PMG), an internal team established in 2005. The PMG consists of 23 investment professionals, located in Toronto, London and Sydney. The team was recruited internationally and has extensive global experience investing directly and indirectly in the private equity and infrastructure asset classes. The PMG team professionals are active across both portfolios and have the skills to consider a broad array of investment solutions.

The PMG is a responsive and efficient partner, with appropriate resources and proper internal governance. The team has full middle- and back-office capacities to support its investment strategies. Extensive delegated authority from OPTrust provides the team with the ability to make decisions quickly and independently, engage in proactive deal generation, and consider creative and unconventional strategies.

Investment Approach

The PMG seeks to construct well diversified portfolios across investment strategies, geographies, investment vehicles, partner base and sectors.

The infrastructure portfolio focuses on principal and platform investment opportunities with a limited number of funds. We have the ability to consider opportunities across capital structure, and have deep expertise in sectors including transportation, communications, power generation, resource extraction, utilities, water and waste water, and waste management.

Private equity investments are made through funds and principal investments primarily, with a growing emphasis on principal investments. We look to build a diversified portfolio targeting the most active sectors in the economy, with diversification across the risk spectrum. We focus on making buyout and growth capital investments, as well as investments which generate steady streams of cash flows with a moderate level of growth and lower volatility. In addition, we target opportunistic private debt investments and other special situations.

If you are interested in learning more or feel you may have an opportunity that would be of interest, please contact our team members, or call our offices in Toronto (+1-416-681-3033) or London (+44-207-009-1100).

Contact Information
  • Sandra Bosela, Co-Head Private Markets Group, Managing Director and Global Head of Private Equity
    Responsible for overseeing our global private equity strategy and investments in North America
    Phone: +1 416 681 3019
  • Gavin Ingram, Co-Head Private Markets Group, Managing Director and Global Head of Infrastructure
    Responsible for overseeing our global infrastructure strategy and investments in North America
    Phone: +1 416 681 3025
  • Stan Kolenc, Managing Director (Sydney)
    Responsible for Sydney office and infrastructure and private equity investments in developed Asia
    Phone: +61 2 9238 8050
  • Morgan McCormick, Managing Director (London)
    Responsible for London office and infrastructure and private equity investments in Europe
    Phone: +44 207 009 1111

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