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Given our hybrid work environment, OPTrust’s recruitment process and new hire onboarding may involve virtual and in-person meetings. If you are selected for an interview and it’s virtual, we ask that you to turn on your camera to better connect with you. Thank you and stay safe!

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As one of the top pension plans in Canada, OPTrust is also an employer of choice for many pension specialists and investment professionals. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package, as well as membership in our highly rated pension plan.

Our superior investment performance and commitment to excellent customer service have contributed to the steady growth and health of the pension plan and the organization. OPTrust administers the pension plan for the unionized Ontario public sector and crown employees.

Our people are the key to our success

OPTrust staff

OPTrust's pension administration team provides excellent service to our members and pensioners, while our investment teams concentrate on generating superior investment returns. As a unionized employer, we value a positive and constructive union-management relationship.

The casual work environment and emphasis on work-life balance at OPTrust affords staff the opportunity to build camaraderie, while achieving common goals. We support personal growth, continuous learning and professional development through numerous training opportunities and a generous tuition assistance program.

In our most recent employee survey, employees told us they find their work interesting and rewarding, and expressed a strong desire to make the organization the best that it can be.

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Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

hands together

Serving a membership as diverse as ours and investing in a global market means cultivating an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion in everything we do. We know diversity of thought, background, culture and perspective is critical to creating long-term value.

OPTrust is highly diverse across several dimensions of diversity and inclusion, and we are actively engaged in building on our unique strengths. We are on a journey and recognize there is much more to accomplish in the coming years to make meaningful progress towards a more inclusive organization for our membership and team.

What we do to make our organization more inclusive for our membership and team.

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