Members - Planning for Retirement

What you need to know

Other government pensions

  • you can collect CPP at age 60 but there is a reduction for anyone under 65
    • apply directly with CPP six months before you wish to start receiving CPP
  • Old Age Security (OAS) payments do not start until 65
    • apply with Service Canada six months before  you wish to start receiving OAS
  • OPTrust will send you a retirement package, after we receive your termination form


How to start the process

  • inform your employer and OPTrust of your retirement date
  • attend a pension information session
  • complete your employer’s forms & OPTrust’s forms
  • check that OPTrust has all the necessary documents from you to process your pension:
  • use the pension estimator in your Online Services account to determine your pension entitlement at various ages or request a pension estimate
    • continue with the retirement income calculator to estimate net income

When to contact us

  • any life changes – marriage, separation, divorce, death, new beneficiaries
  • changes to contact information – address, phone number, email address, financial institution  

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